I have been meaning to email you to congratulate you on your baby boy! I would love to see pics (hint hint). I hope that you had a great summer and wish you lots of luck this fall with boot camp. I have tried a few different boot camps out here in Brampton and none of them compare to yours. - Laura

"... I am loving the results I am seeing.  Since I started in the April boot camp session until this last session I have lost 19lbs, got fit and lost a not sure how many inches I need to check with last session - but inches - pants are starting to fall off so inches is great!  I have now reached half of my goal so Christmas I hope to have lost another 20lbs.  We will see :)

Thanks for all your encouragement and running these camps - I love them!"

Thank you for all that you have done, I have enjoyed the classes and feel so much more in shape then when I started back in July. Last night at skipping on of the girls said that she thinks my arms look smaller than they were (I will do my measurements tonight and I guess we will see :o).... Take care, see you tomorrow! - April

I just wanted to say a huge THANKS for all you do! You were so encouraging and supportive throughout both bootcamps I did, and made it a positive and fun experience. It was totally worth all the hard work and soreness! I got my wedding pictures back and that made me realize how worth it exercise is! I had shoulder blades and toned arms! LoL. I felt so good on my wedding day, and a lot of that is owed to bootcamp! ... Thanks again, and I hope to do another bootcamp sometime in the near future! - Jenelle

Thank you so much for the pics and for being a great inspiration to me over the past 3 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp! - Courtney

I feel in better shape, more stamina, better cardio....both goals I had. Your motivational skills, varied activities, and sense of fun made it all a great experience. - Liza

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you started BootCamp in Grimsby and that I had the courage to go.  You are now woven into the fabric of my success, as I'm sure you have become for other women in Grimsby--why else would we get up at 5am!!!!!???? - Kim

The boot camp was excellent!  You were so positive and inspiring through the whole session!  Providing e-mails everyday and offering great advice on a healthy lifestyle kept us connected to the program. - Stephanie

I love that you send out different recipes with your daily notes. I have tried several and am enjoying them. I am slowly getting the entire family to make small changes too. It really helps to keep the variety and build the repertoire of clean and healthier eating. - Jennifer

Thanks so much for the daily emails, helpful hints, recipes etc. I'm really enjoying the camp and truly look forward to Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. This has been a great experience!! - Trish

 I enjoyed taking the classes that I was able to attend.  You definitely provided us with a variety of things to do and it was always a really good workout that really pushes you.  And being able to do it all outdoors was great.  It has gotten me back into exercising again, so that is a good thing.  And I will continue on that route. I did it before and I know I can do it again. - Elizabeth


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